Hypothetically speaking… you have been at a job for a long time.  And may be in a place where they can offer you a sabbatical of sorts to get back to you and enjoy some life since you have been working since you were a kid! Then, a job you interviewed you on a lark offers you a position which is much busier but will also pay you substantially more annually, like double digits more… What do you do? Stay where you make less and have the chance to have a free summer… or take more money and put off leisure… 

  1. rightpropervillain said: Which one will bring you happiness? Choose that one.
  2. zuky said: If you’re on the verge of burnout and you need a break or *you’ll* break, stay put and enjoy your earned leisure. If you’re feeling strong and have the energy to spare, bite the bullet and grab the cash. That’s my formula anyway. Congrats. :)
  3. artemariposa said: Mmm dang.. *best of luck* <3 to be honest, because I don’t know :/
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